ASK Gloves is based in Sailkot, The city is the world’s largest producer of handsewn footballs

  • July 22, 2018
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city that is often as much romanticized in the Punjabi culture as Lahore, a city that features in the stories of partition, a city where one’s relatives often are found, a city that is the heart of sports good production, a city whose residents disarm you with their humour and hospitality, a city that showcased resilience in the face of a massive armoured assault by India in 1965 and a city that has the pride of being the birth of Pakistan’s dreamer and national poet, Sir Dr Allama Mohammed Iqbal, Sialkot is Pakistan’s very Pakistani city.

To ask what’s interesting about Sialkot is like asking what’s interesting about Ghalib’s poetry or what’s interesting about Noor Jehan’s voice or what sets Mehdi Hassan apart from other ghazel gaeks.

Let’s look at some very interesting facts about Sialkot:

Fascinating Punjabi Dialects:

Punjabi is spoken by 95% of the city’s residents. The major dialects spoken by Sialkotis are Majhi and Dogri (North Punjabi and Kashmiri influence).

A Privately-Owned Public Airport!

Sialkot has the distinction of having the first privately owned public airport in Pakistan. Before the completion of Islamabad’s airport, it also had the longest runway in Pakistan!

Clock Tower of

When the British came to the Sub Continent, they built prominent clock towers in the cities falling under their dominion. Sialkot Clock Tower is no exception. A famous landmark of the city, it was built by Sheikh Ghulam Qadir and Seth Rai Bahadur under the patronage of British. There are many shops and chai places built around it where locals gather all day long to share stories, shop and relax after a hard day’s work.

2014 FIFA World Cup!

The city is the world’s largest producer of handsewn footballs and in 2014 Forward Sports, a local company, manufactured official footballs for the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil (yes, the one in which Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany)

A 1,000-Year-Old Temple Re-Opened by Imran Khan:

Sialkot is the location of a 1,000-year-old Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva by the name of Shawala Teja Singh. After partition, the temple fell into disrepair but it was finally reopened for Hindu pilgrims by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Punjab’s Best Halwa Puri!

Debatable, yes, but at least not in our team. The halwa puri served at Hassan Din’s in Sialkot is simply the best we have tasted in the province. It is a popular breakfast house located in the inner city near Iqbal Manzil. The rush is insane so be sure to reach early.

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ASK Gloves is based in Sailkot

ASK Gloves as one of the largest Industrial and work gloves in the region is also based in Sailkot. Our massive warehouse is our place of manufacturing heavy-duty gloves made of top-quality materials. Please come and visit us


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